Leading presenter Vicky Parrott Joins the team

Vicky Parrott has been a motoring journalist since 2006, and started her career with Autocar, where she worked as a road tester and presenter for seven years before progressing to What Car? for a further four years.

Electrica.Live News
Major backing for electrica.live

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has given its backing to electrica.live and its mission to instigate debate across the United Kingdom on what the Electric Vehicle (EV) future looks like and how to achieve it.

electrica.live is holding...

e-scooters are go for forward-thinking South Wales-based company

Under new rules announced by the UK Government’s Department for Transport, e-scooters are now allowed on roads across the UK as part of a rental pilot scheme, and a Welsh company, GOiA, is leading the charge on the electric social mobility future with the...

South Wales at the heart of electric vehicle discussions

A major event that will put South Wales at the heart of UK electric vehicle (EV) and supporting infrastructure, services and leisure discussions, is planned for the region, thanks to a new partnership between Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) and electrica...

Milton Keynes reinforces its commitment to an e-mobility future

A major event is planned that will strengthen Milton Keynes’ position as a leading player within UK discussions on electric vehicle (EV) development, including supporting infrastructure, services and leisure, thanks to a new partnership between Milton...