Why the Audi e-Tron Sportback can't beat Jaguar and Tesla

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electrica.live presenter Will Bibb takes the #Audi e-Tron #Sportback Quattro 55 S-Line out for a long term test from the South Coast of England to Anglesey and back...but things don't go to plan.

While good-looking outside and beautiful inside, the £79,000 Sportback only manages around 160 miles of real world range when Audi claims it is capable of 240 miles. To achieve even that one needs to reduce your average speed dramatically and turn the climate controls off... 

In reality, even the larger battery in the 55 Sportback is not enough to touch the range of Tesla's Model X or Jaguar's iPace. On a 600 mile trip Will needed to charge four times where a #Tesla could probably manage on just two. The Sportback sits in no-man's land: a gargantuan beast wholly ill-suited to town use, but will barely get you from one town to the next. One can hope Audi does hit the mark with their e-Tron GT!


It's not all bad though, Will made it to Anglesey where he tested a state-of-the-art electric surfboard called an electric hydrofoil 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGyYIm0k8JU