Harley Davidson launches Serial 1 Cycle Company dedicated to all-electric bikes

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Hot on the heels of their all-electric LiveWire motorcycle, Harley Davidson has set up a new subsidiary brand called Serial 1 Cycle Company, and with it have launched another electric two-wheeler that recalls the iconic company’s 117 year history.

The Serial 1 takes its name from Harley Davidson’s very first bike which came out back in 1903, and the people behind the development of the bike are all closely linked with Harley Davidson's inner circle, and they just happen to be cycling enthusiasts as well as two-wheeled petrolheads.

Full details on the Serial 1 will be revealed in mid-November, but early previews suggest a styling that borrows heavily from the very early days of Harley Davidson with a mid-mounted, belt-driven motor and disc braking with a glossy paint finish.

Harley Davidson ebike

With global electric bicycle sales accounting for around £11.5bn in 2019 with a predicted growth of 6% in the sector between 2020 and 2025,  this new venture from Harley Davidson is a solid plan to tap into  this growing market, as well as take the venerable brand in a new direction and attract a new and potentially younger demographic.

Check back with electrica.live for more news on the Serial 1 when it is released.