Clean Air Day: October 8th 2020 from 10am

electrica clean air day is a passionate supporter of the Clean Air Day initiative

As we all know, only too well, the world is changing at a rapid rate. One thing remains constant though and impacts our daily lives, that is the increased shift from a reliance on fossil fuels to an emphasis on the development of electric-power and green energy solutions. Integral to this is the ability to showcase the latest developments and products.’s strategy is to stage events throughout the UK and Europe as well as online, underlining the significance of initiatives such as Clean Air Day. Our events are designed to draw the attention of the general public and business to the importance of the green revolution across the country. We therefore applaud the importance of Clean Air Day.

From day-to-day commutes to leisure pursuits, more and more families and individuals are altering their lifestyles. We are increasingly being driven by clean air fuels. By connecting directly with the consumer events are ideally placed to promote the attributes of green energy technology to the general public and businesses. Clean Air Day highlights the work that is doing. Events that highlight developments are integral to the ongoing vision. They are key to engaging with anyone passionate about innovation, the environment or simply having fun on two, four or no wheels!

Working with local authorities and central Government organisations such as OLEV, we have produced a series of active city centre promotional platforms for the broad range of green energy sectors – EVs, infrastructure providers (chargers), services (finance and insurance), e-leisure products and education. These educational and entertaining events uniquely capture the interest of the general public and business alike. Importantly, they are designed to reflect the current global restrictions and are Covid-safe. We will be posting regular updates regarding our events and webinars over the coming weeks and months, so pease check back here to keep in the loop.

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